Open Letters

An Open Letter to Fathers on Your Day

June 15, 2014

Congratulations Fathers! Here’s to you! I’m so excited that we have a day honoring you. Today, I join in with the millions of others in our country and I…

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Martin Luther King, Jr. Day: A Revivalist is Remembered

January 20, 2014

I just finished reading his letter to the pastors and church leaders in Birmingham, AL (found here). It was a longer read than I expected it to be, for…


2013: A Look Back – Part 1

January 1, 2014

On this day in 2013 I never would have pictured myself where I am today. We were buying our home, we both had steady jobs, and we planned on…

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Before School Starts…

September 8, 2013

Well, it’s official. School starts this week, on Tuesday in fact. Today, as I was sitting in church, I realized today would be the perfect time to sit down…

Things I Like

Wow… These Pictures Are Amazing!

July 25, 2013

I saw these posted on Google+. This one is of Crater Lake. It’s pretty cool to find such good photography taken in Central Oregon!

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