Upward and Onward

So… It’s been long…long…long time since I’ve written anything. To be completely honest and transparent, it’s mostly because I haven’t really had anything worth writing. Sure, I’ve been extremely busy and life feels like it’s spinning in harmonious chaos. But ultimately, if I felt I had something worth writing, I would’ve made time to do it. Which begs the question, why haven’t I had something worth writing? Is there nothing going on in my spiritual life which I could write about and share with others? I feel like a lot has changed in my life and heart over the past year. In fact, I know a lot has changed. And yet, so much hasn’t. A lot of the idols and giants I wanted conquered in my life remain to die another day. I know God has been moving in my life, but have I really pursued Him at the depth I could have and with the passion of a lovesick lover? Honestly, no. No I haven’t. If I had, I know I would be on to bigger and better things in God.

Thus, the title of this blog. Upward and Onward. That is where I am at today. In my heart I’ve been challenged and drawn towards holiness. There’s something so incredibly beautiful about it, and challenging to me as well. I recognize that I will never go the places that I want to with God, and experience Him here on this earth the way that I want to if I do not pursue holiness. There needs to be a separation between my life and this world. Being in the world but not of it. How do we go about that? Where are the lines? So often those are the questions that we ask instead of simply focusing on the One that we are called to be like. Once we do that, “how-to’s” and lines don’t matter. What we focus on, we become. My goal in life is to re-focus on Jesus. My commitment is to continue Upward and Onward.

Two people have really challenged me a lot lately. Francis Chan and Jake Hamilton. I’ve been listening to their teachings and let me tell you. They are two people who exhibit passionately pursuing God. Jake Hamilton has been mentoring me (thru his teaching, not in real life. This idea comes from the book “Divine Mentor”) about fasting. Teaching me that fasting isn’t about trying to get God to answer prayers, it’s about cleansing me from the world and positioning me to be in His presence. That is what is important, not trying to get God to answer me. Francis Chan has been teaching me about being in a position of ministry and pursing God with absolutely reckless abandon. Not allowing the things of this world and status quo Christianity to get in the way of me and God, but laying all things aside including my own reputation to pursue Him and what He has for me.

So… that is all I can really say for now. But I would like to leave you with the video above. It’s almost an hour long, but you can split it up over a couple days if you have to. I pray that you are blessed by it, and just blessed in general. Thank you 🙂

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